Percent Renewable Electricity Generation

Desired Result:  Above Target

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Metric Definition
This metric indicates the amount of electricity generated from renewable electricity resources (wind, solar, and hydropower). The values shown here represent the percentage of renewable generation each year since 2005. The City’s Energy Policy has a goal of 100% renewable electricity by 2030. For this metric, good performance is indicated by an increasing amount of renewable electricity generation. Data is provided by Fort Collins Utilities and the Platte River Power Authority.
Why Is This Important?
Electricity represents more than 50% of all emissions, meaning that lowering community electricity use and ensuring that it is increasingly provided by fossil-free sources is a crucial component to achieving the community’s 2020, 2030, and 2050 climate action goals. City Energy Policy seeks to increase the overall amount of solar and wind energy to a minimum of 20% by 2020. Hydropower is included in the definition of renewable sources in the October 2018 100% renewable 2030 goal.
City Organization Impact on Performance
Medium – The City has several programs and initiatives that seek to increase energy efficiency and the community’s supply of renewable electricity. Both of these actions impact total community use. The actions of residents and businesses are also key to lowering use and emissions.
Benchmark Information
Benchmark not available at this time.