Equity Indicators Dashboard


Equity Indicators are one tool local governments can use to measure and track the experiences of equality among community members to more proactively address systems that perpetuate racism and/or oppression.

The Equity Indicators Dashboard is a work in progress. More measures, explanations, and easy-to-understand graphics will be added, and the dashboard will continue to grow over time. 

Click a Domain below to explore Indicators. More Domains, including Civic Engagement, Public Health, Environmental Justice, and Transportation will be added over time.

Criminal Justice & Public Safety

Explore Indicators related to policing and community safety.

Economic Health & Opportunity

Explore Indicators related to the health and diversity of our local economy and workforce.



Explore Indicators related to housing, housing affordability, and homelessness in Fort Collins.


What is Equity?

Equality is about treating everyone the same, while Equity means treating individuals and communities with consideration for their specific experiences, history, and needs in order to achieve equal outcomes.

The graphic above illustrates the difference between “equity” and “equality”. Using an equality approach, everyone gets the same bicycle, regardless of their size, ability, or other needs. Using an equity approach, each person gets a bicycle custom to the their unique situation.

What is the Equity Indicators Dashboard?

The Equity Indicators Dashboard is a way to visually present the information included in the City of Fort Collins Equity Indicators Report. The information included in the report is the same as the information included in the Dashboard. The Dashboard will continue to grow as Project Staff add more information. The Dashboard aims to provide a simple summary and graphs of each Indicator included in multiple Domains.

What is a Domain?

For the Equity Indicators project, similar Indicators are grouped into a common Domain. Domains include Indicators that are often measured and managed by the same or related departments and measurement tools, though not always. For example, we currently include the Domains of: Criminal Justice and Public Safety, Economic Health and Opportunity, and Housing. Within each Domain are specific Indicators.

What is an Indicator?

The Equity Indicators are a set of measurements that describe how community member experience life and access services in Fort Collins. Each Indicator tells a piece of the story. Together, they help give a fuller picture of these experiences based on race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual identity, class, and ability. You can think of an Indicator like a puzzle piece.

Each Indicator is accompanied by a graph that shows different groups’ experiences compared to the overall experience. In each graph, the red bars indicate that that group is experiencing inequity, usually showing that that group experiences the situation at a higher rate than average. The average or overall rate is shown as a black line across the graph. There is also a link to a PDF for each Indicator, sharing the summarized dataset.

Equity Indicators Project Staff Team

Equity Indicators Project Staff Team



Claudia Menendez, Equity Officer

Nick Heimann, FC Moves

Leo Escalante, Neighborhood Services

Javier Echeverria-Diaz, Sustainability Services

Adelle McDaniel, Environmental Services

Jill Marx, Communications and Public Involvement


With questions and comments, please contact Claudia at cmenendez@fcgov.com or 970-416-8087. We welcome your feedback, suggestions, and comments.