Percent of People Commuting by Transportation Type

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Metric Definition
This metric estimates the percentage of people who commute (to work or school) by a particular type of transportation such as car, bike, by foot, etc. Data comes out once per year from the American Community Survey conducted by the U.S. Census.
Why Is This Important?
Single Occupancy Vehicle use accounts for most of the greenhouse gasses emitted by the transportation sector in Fort Collins. Measuring commuter trips by vehicles and other modes helps track progress on reducing emissions.
City Organization Impact on Performance
– The City builds and operates networks for transit and bicycling, including a bike share program, that have a significant impact on how people choose to commute.
Benchmark Information
Fort Collins is typical of many American cities in its commute mode share. The number of people commuting by bicycle is one of the highest in the nation, and the number of commuters travelling by transit is growing rapidly.