Community Solid Waste Landfilled per Capita per Day (in lbs.)

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Metric Definition
This shows waste per capita by dividing the waste landfilled by all sectors of the community: residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal operations by the Fort Collins population. A decrease in waste per capita is a positive trend and is a good indication of diversion efforts. Waste per capita is calculated from information reported to the City from waste haulers, the Larimer County Landfill, and City departments that directly haul material to the landfill.
Why Is This Important?
To support the economy and provide environmental benefits, Fort Collins has set ambitious goals for landfill reduction. When materials are landfilled, their potential value as a commodity is lost and new natural resources must be harvested to make new products, rather than using recycled materials. Additionally, organic materials that could be composted, such as yard trimmings, generate methane, which is a potent greenhouse gas. This metric tracks the amount of material landfilled in proportion to the population of Fort Collins, in recognition that generally as the population grows, the amount of trash grows.
City Organization Impact on Performance
– The City creates ordinances, educational programs and infrastructure such as the Timberline Recycling Center to foster materials being reduced, reused, or recycled rather than landfilled.
Benchmark Information
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