Tons of Yard Trimmings Diverted (Composted)

Desired Result:  

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Metric Definition
This metric tracks the amount of yard waste generated by the Fort Collins community and includes tree trimming conducted by the City’s Forestry Department, as well as the residential yard trimmings collected by hauling companies and reports of materials dropped off to Hageman Earth Cycle or other businesses. Higher tons diverted are desired. The City of Fort Collins, yard trimmings processors, and local waste haulers provide data for this metric.
Why Is This Important?
When organic materials such as leaves and grass trimmings break down in the landfill, they produce methane, a potent greenhouse gas. When they are instead mulched or composted, they have a much smaller impact on greenhouse gas emissions.
City Organization Impact on Performance
Medium – The City creates ordinances, educational programs and infrastructure such as the Timberline Recycling Center to foster materials being reduced, reused, or recycled rather than landfilled. A 2016 ordinance requires haulers offer residential customers optional yard trimmings collection service for an extra fee. City educational programs focus on promoting composting and other alternatives to putting those materials in the landfill.
Benchmark Information
None available.