Water Production Energy Efficiency (kWh/day/million gallons)

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Metric Definition
This measures the amount of kilowatt-hours electricity used per day by the Water Treatment Facility to produce 1 million gallons of water. The lower the kWh, the more the treatment process is energy efficient. The source of this data is Fort Collins Utilities.
Why Is This Important?
This metric tracks the facility’s goal of “reducing annual use of electricity purchased from greenhouse gas producing sources and reducing monthly electric demands.” Specifically, the goal is to: Reduce annual energy by 1.5% and annual average monthly demand of 5% from 2011 levels.
City Organization Impact on Performance
– This metric is directly related to the technology and management practices employed by the Water Treatment Facility.
Benchmark Information
In 2011, the Water Treatment Facility surpassed the City’s Climate Action Plan (CAP) goal of reducing our GHG production by 20% by 2020.