Community Water Use (in acre feet/year)

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Metric Definition
The City’s annual water demand illustrates community water use, which impacts the amount of energy use for treating water and water conservation efforts. This is calculated by the amount of water (measured in acre feet) leaving the Utilities water treatment plant after treatment. Lower water demand is a positive outcome.
Why Is This Important?
Although annual water demand can be significantly influenced by weather conditions and population/commercial growth, lower water use generally results in lower energy use. However, responsible water use includes planting trees that provide shading and reduce energy needs for cooling in the summer.
City Organization Impact on Performance
Medium – The City has water conservation programs to reduce consumption; however, the impacts of weather currently can play a much larger role. Lower water use reduces our energy needs to treat that water, and therefore water should be used efficiently by residents and businesses who have landscapes that provide cooling effects.
Benchmark Information
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