Community Water Use per Capita per Day (gallons)

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Metric Definition
Community water use is measured in gallons per capita per day. This metric is calculated by dividing the total annual water use of all customers in the water utility service area by the service area population and 365 days. As indicted, this metric only pertains to the Utilities’ service area, which only serves about 70 percent of the City. Note that water use is highly dependent on weather, and while a single year’s result is an important indicator, the trend over several years is more indicative of changes in water use.
Why Is This Important?
The Water Efficiency Plan, approved by City Council in 2016, aims to achieve 130 gallons per capita per day by the year 2030. This comprehensive plan is required by the State of Colorado and guides the efforts of the Utilities Water Conservation team. Long-term water conservation should be viewed as a long-term investment; results over time help our community adapt and become more resilient to drought and anticipated effects of climate change.
City Organization Impact on Performance
– The City offers water conservation programs to reduce consumption; however, the impacts of weather can play a much larger role.
Benchmark Information
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